Kasen karatesta sanottua

…this is what I find appealing about Sensei Kase’s karate. After years of Shotokan training, you go to one of Sensei Kase’s Academy courses and you feel as if, well, everything I’ve learned so far has prepared me for this.

—Slater Williams

A moment, that I will never forget, was when I went for my first course with Sensei Taiji Kase & Sensei Dirk Heene. We started with Ten-No-Kata. When Sensei Kase demonstrated  the first Oi-Zuki-Chudan, I remember the thought flying through my brain as an arrow — “THIS IS MY SENSEI!“ And from this moment I always followed Sensei Taiji Kase & Sensei Dirk Heene.

—Grzegorz Konieczka


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