Kase Ha Finland Summer Course 2017


Heinävesi school at Kenttätie, Heinävesi

Head instructor

Dirk Heene, 8th dan


Fri 28 July

  • 19.30–21.00 training all, sensei Heene

Sat 29 July

  • 10.00–11.30 training all, sensei Heene
  • 11.30–15.00 lunch
  • 14.00 grading, kyu grades
  • 15.00 grading, dan grades
  • 16.00–17.30 training kyu grades, instructed by a KHF sensei
  • 17.30–19.00 training dan grades, sensei Heene

Sun 30 July

  • 10.00–12.00 training all, sensei Heene

Course fee

Full course 70 eur, if paid in cash on site; 40 eur for juniors under 12 years.

To minimize the cash handling hassle, we recommend payment in advance: full course 65 eur, when paid in advance to Kase Ha Finland’s bank account.

Kase Ha Finland ry:n jäsenille koko leirin hinta on 60 eur paikan päällä maksettuna tai 55 euroa etukäteen pankkisiirtona.

Account details

  • IBAN FI30 5290 0220 2093 30
  • don’t forget to write your name in the note/remark field


By e-mail to Jouni Hiltunen, for contact info see below.



Dojo accommodation is available for free at Youth house, in the same building as the training hall. Bring your own sleeping bag.

Toilettes & showers. Small kitchen with fridge.

Recommended hotels

Because of a big coinciding festival, there’s a very limited number of hotel/hostel accommodation available in Heinävesi. So please, be early.

Some additional options listed (in Finnish) at heinavesi.fi/majoitu

You might want to book the hotel through your favourite booking service (such as agoda.combooking.commomondo.com or trivago.com), as the prices might be lower that way.



Karvion lomakeskus


If you would prefer to rent a cottage for your stay there are some
options available. If you need help in making reservations, let Jouni know (for contact info see below).


  • Easiest way for international arrivals is to fly to Helsinki and carpool with karateka from there.
  • Nearest airport is Joensuu (JOE) where you can either take a bus service to Heinävesi or rent a car.
  • By bus Heinävesi is easiest to reach via Varkaus. There are three daily bus routes Varkaus–Heinävesi
  • On request, local karateka can provide transportation from and to Joensuu airport. Note: advance booking is required; please contact Jouni Hiltunen (for contact info see below).

Lunch restaurants

Heinävesi center, within walking distance from the dojo (school):

Further away:


In case you want to explore Heinävesi area — or any other part of Finland — while you are here, we try to help you as much as we can. Directions to restaurants, museums, galleries, shopping, concerts, sports, nature, reindeers… Heinävesi breaths beauty in the summer!


For any advice and more information, please contact Jouni Hiltunen, e-mail jouni-mail or phone and SMS and +358 400 382759


More info

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