Kase Ha Finland Winter Seminar 2024

We are busy building this seminar. The dates are 24–28 January 2024. Invitation with training schedule to be expected later in March.

Tentatively: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday just one evening session, allowing flexible arrival and time for outdoor activities. Saturday more training and eventual grading + more outdoor activities. Saturday night: a party full of joy to celebrate the 75th birthday of Dirk sensei. One session on Sunday morning.

Our event center will be Wellevi, a new and beautiful building just 2 km outside of Levi center. Wellevi accommodates circa 30 persons; more accommodation can be selected from the vast array of rental cabins and hotels in Levi. Our training hall at Sirkka School is within walking distance from Wellevi.

Arriving to Levi is easy: it’s just a 20-minute drive from Kittilä (KTT) airport. Regular bus connections. On request, we can also arrange a pick-up service.



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